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Serving As The Superheroes To Save Our Beloved Planet.

Author Alfred Guajardo

About Environmental Superhero ®

The most environmentally friendly superhero revealed

One of his superpowers is, <He’ll travel through the valley with his never-ending belly stopping on the way and making everything green and the things in between, like the roses that turned your head because they’re red or the flower that grew like a tower, Another power of his is < That once he fills the lake he’ll then travel through the dam sending electrical power to that nearby tower which sends electricity to your home now when you turn on the lights you can see and believe in the new ” Environmental SuperHero”

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Al the Green Rain Train

What makes Al the Green Rain Train great and mother nature wonderful? Find out by taking a journey with Al as he sends his goodwill across mountains, lakes, and valleys. Get educated as you learn terms such as torrential downpour, hydroelectricity, and irrigate. Discover how nature constructs a rainbow, fills a lake, makes a tornado, and more. Have fun with the rhymes, chimes, and colorful illustrations provided for young and old alike. You’ll learn as you travel – with Al.
He can hardly wait for you to be a part of his environment team.

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I purchased this book for my 4 year old and love it. Its message is lucid and fun, primarily aimed at appreciating the environment around us. As an aside, it provides several opportunities for children to improve their vocabulary. Great book - thanks...

James Scott

It was an adorable book and I know my grandson will love it because he is completely obsessed with trains and the nice part of this book is that it has a healthy message.

Laurie's Legacy

This is a beautiful and informative book that will help our children better understand issues around conservation. My grandsons loved it! Thank you Al x

Jane Martin

I thought the book was very good at teaching children about the environment in a way they could understand. The writing, along with the illustrations, provides an explanation of the good things Mother Nature does in a way even a younger child could begin to understand with a parent's coaching.

Denise C. Hernandez
Environmental Superhero ®

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